205 Summer Activities for Adults to Try This Year

As the days grow longer and the sun shines brighter, summer presents a treasure trove of opportunities to step out and enjoy life.

Whether you’re looking to unwind, pursue a new hobby, or simply soak up the sunshine, there’s a diverse array of activities waiting for you.

Summer offers the chance to reconnect with yourself and others through a variety of experiences designed for adults.

Imagine diving into summery foods or embarking on travel adventures that ignite your spirit. Picture yourself enjoying picnics, parties, or even a quiet afternoon with a good book by the water.

The season is ripe for making the most of your free time, with options to suit every interest and passion. Whatever your taste, let the summer be your guide to indulging in activities that rejuvenate and inspire you.

To prepare for summer, we at Healthy Living Guide have crafted a summer bucket list ideas of 250 activities for adults to try out this year. From outdoor adventures and creative pursuits to self-care practices and cultural experiences, there’s something for everyone in this comprehensive guide.

Outdoor Activities During Summer

Whether you’re looking to spike the ball on the sandy beaches or cross the finish line on a scenic route, the warmth of the summer offers a perfect backdrop for a variety of outdoor sports.

Embrace the season and challenge yourself with these exhilarating activities, suitable for every fitness level:

summer activities for adults 02
  1. Hiking in a nature reserve
  2. Beach volleyball
  3. Kayaking on a lake or river
  4. Camping under the stars
  5. Outdoor yoga in a park
  6. Stand-up paddleboarding
  7. Cycling on scenic trails
  8. Outdoor fitness classes
  9. Running or jogging in a scenic area
  10. Picnic in a botanical garden
  11. Attend an outdoor concert or music festival
  12. Play frisbee in a park
  13. Join a beach volleyball league
  14. Take a scenic bike ride
  15. Try rock climbing in a natural setting
  16. Organize a barbecue with friends
  17. Go on a nature photography hike
  18. Take a scenic boat or canoe trip
  19. Attend an outdoor film screening
  20. Play a round of golf
  21. Join a local sports league (soccer, softball, etc.)
  22. Try your hand at fishing in a nearby river or lake
  23. Participate in a beach cleanup event
  24. Take a scenic hot air balloon ride
  25. Explore a new hiking trail
  26. Play tennis or pickleball in a local park
  27. Go on a zip-lining adventure
  28. Have a bonfire or beach bonfire night
  29. Take a guided wildlife tour
  30. Try your hand at outdoor painting or sketching
  31. Go on a sunset or sunrise photography expedition
  32. Join a community gardening project
  33. Take a scenic horseback ride
  34. Attend a outdoor dance or fitness class
  35. Try geocaching in a local park
  36. Take a scenic helicopter tour
  37. Play beach soccer
  38. Explore a nearby waterfall or natural landmark
  39. Go on a hot air balloon ride
  40. Take a scenic train ride through the countryside
  41. Visit an amusement park and try some roller coasters
  42. Take a scenic horse-drawn carriage ride
  43. Participate in an outdoor obstacle course or mud run
  44. Try birdwatching in a nature preserve
  45. Join a community clean-up project for parks or beaches

Indoor Summer Activities for Adults

Not an outdoorsy person? No problem, so are some of us in the editorial team. Although we love to get outside and get some extra dose of sunshine boost after a long winter, sometimes we just want to relax and stay indoors. Here are some fun and engaging indoor summer activities for adults that will keep you entertained.

summer activities for adults 03
  1. Read (at least) a new book
  2. Start your own blog / YouTube channel / Instagram account
  3. Have a binge-watching session of your favorite shows
  4. Experiment with new recipes you’ve never tried before
  5. Dive into the world of video games
  6. Join online meditation classes for relaxation
  7. Play creative and fun drinking games
  8. Indulge in a luxurious breakfast in bed
  9. Witness the beauty of sunrise and sunset from your window
  10. Create a vision board for your goals and dreams
  11. Host a movie marathon featuring your favorite films and TV shows
  12. Connect with family and friends through phone calls
  13. Tidy up your apartment for a refreshing environment
  14. Organize your closet and home for a sense of order
  15. Enroll in classes to improve skills and knowledge
  16. Learn a new language using platforms like Duolingo
  17. Pamper yourself with a home spa session at least once a week
  18. Engage in classic board games like Scrabble, Monopoly, and chess
  19. Journal every day for self-reflection and mindfulness
  20. Declutter your laptop, mail box, and social media accounts for a digital detox
  21. Create a personalized self-care menu
  22. Take on a wellness challenge for a healthier lifestyle
  23. Channel your creativity by writing a short story
  24. Write unsent letters to your younger and/or future self for reflection
  25. Play virtual games with friends for socializing
  26. Bake some special cake for a friend who has birthday in summer
  27. Participate in virtual DIY projects and competitions
  28. Enjoy a relaxing DIY bath bomb-making session
  29. Craft scented candles at home for a cozy atmosphere
  30. Indulge in a “Mukbang” eating experience
  31. Treat yourself to a staycation by renting an Airbnb
  32. Explore indoor gardening or plant care
  33. Attend virtual art or cooking classes
  34. Organize and participate in a book club
  35. Craft your own DIY projects, from home decor to handmade gifts
  36. Cheap Summer Activities Ideas for Adults

    Looking for some ideas that won’t break the bank this summer? Look no further! Here are another 30 summer activities ideas to add to your summer bucket list. You can either enjoy these activities alone or invite your friends and family to join in the fun. 

    And you know that? Not only are they affordable but many of them are even free summer activities you can do right from the comfort of your own home. So get ready to have a fun and memorable summer without spending a fortune!

    summer activities for adults 04
    1. Outdoor movie night
    2. Picnic in the park
    3. Diy water balloon fight
    4. Nature scavenger hunt
    5. Host a potluck dinner
    6. Free outdoor concerts
    7. Visit local farmers’ markets
    8. Community events
    9. Library book club
    10. Stargazing night
    11. Outdoor photography day
    12. Volunteer for a cause
    13. Camping in your backyard
    14. Attend a free workshop
    15. Visit a museum on free admission days
    16. Outdoor yoga
    17. Host a clothing swap
    18. Take a dip at a local pool
    19. Host a budget-friendly BBQ
    20. Explore local street art
    21. Go fishing
    22. Public beach day
    23. Visit a nearby national park
    24. Have a game night with friends
    25. Attend a local festival or fair
    26. Have a bonfire and make s’mores
    27. Take a walking tour of your neighborhood
    28. Visit free outdoor attractions, such as botanical gardens or public art installations
    29. Have a picnic at the beach or lakefront
    30. Pick a bouquet of wildflowers
    31. Set up an inflatable pool and have a mini pool party

    Luxury Summer Activities for Adults

    Now, let’s spice up your summer with some more luxurious activities. Treat yourself and indulge in these experiences that will make your summer truly memorable. 

    In our defense, we all deserve a little bit of luxury every now and then. And, after all, unless you’re super rich and money is just not your problem, these activities are not something you’ll be doing every day, anyway.

    You know, sometimes, pampering yourself with something fancy can be a great way to relax, unwind and recharge your batteries. Treating yourself good since you deserve it. So, why not?

    Luxury Activities
    1. Book a weekend getaway at a luxury resort
    2. Take a sunset cruise on a yacht
    3. Attend a music festival or concert VIP style
    4. Book a spa day, complete with massages, facials, and other treatments
    5. Have brunch at a fancy rooftop restaurant
    6. Rent a luxury car and take a road trip
    7. Plan a wine tasting tour at local vineyards
    8. Go on a hot air balloon ride at sunrise or sunset
    9. Splurge on tickets to a sports event or championship game
    10. Treat yourself to a designer shopping spree (with a limited budget, of course, if you don’t want to break the bank)
    11. Take a helicopter tour of your city or nearby attractions
    12. Book a stay at an exclusive, adults-only resort
    13. Attend a black-tie event, such as a gala or charity ball
    14. Rent a beach house or villa for the weekend
    15. Have dinner at a Michelin-starred restaurant
    16. Get tickets to a Broadway show or musical
    17. Spend the day at an exclusive country club, playing golf or tennis
    18. Have a gourmet picnic in a picturesque location

    Creative and Artistic Summer Activities Ideas

    OK, enough with the luxury and pampering, let’s talk about some fun creative and artistic activities you can do this summer. These activities are perfect for expressing your creativity, learning new skills, and having a blast with friends or family.

    Creative and Artistic Ideas
    1. Attend an art class or workshop
    2. Start a DIY project at home, like painting furniture or making your own home decor
    3. Have a paint and sip night with friends
    4. Take a photography class
    5. Go on a photo walk to capture the beauty of summer
    6. Join a local theater group and audition for a play or musical
    7. Create an outdoor movie night with a projector and snacks
    8. Host a music jam session with friends
    9. Learn a new dance style 
    10. Start a journaling or scrapbooking project 
    11. Take a fancy cooking class 
    12. Attend a writing workshop or join a writing group 
    13. Visit an art museum or gallery
    14. Take a landscape painting workshop
    15. Take a floral arrangement class 
    16. Join a local choir or singing group 
    17. Start a backyard garden 
    18.  Create and sell handmade crafts at a local market or online. 
    19. Attend a poetry reading or open mic night 
    20. Collaborate with friends to create a short film or music video.
    21. Participate in a community mural project 
    22. Take a calligraphy or hand lettering class
    23. Create your own fashion designs
    24. Create a personalized photo album or scrapbook as a gift for someone special 
    25. Make homemade candles, soaps, or bath bombs 
    26. Take up knitting, crocheting, or sewing

    Easy & Effortless Summer Activities

    We hear you! Sometimes, the thought of planning and executing an elaborate summer activity can be overwhelming. 

    That’s why we’ve compiled a list of easy and effortless activities that you can do this summer to have fun and express your creativity without too much stress or effort.

    Are you a busy parent or a young professional with limited free time? Or even someone who just wants to relax and unwind without having to plan too much? These activities are perfect for you! 

    Easy & Effortless Activities
    1. Have a picnic in a nearby park
    2. Have a brunch with your special someone or friends at home
    3. Go for a hike in your local nature reserve
    4. Have a movie marathon with your favorite snacks and drinks
    5. Take a day trip to the beach or lake
    6. Make homemade ice cream or popsicles 
    7. Buy some fresh flowers and arrange them in a vase
    8. Have a game night with board games or video games
    9. Create your own summer playlist 
    10. Visit a nearby farmer’s market and try some fresh produce
    11. Go to the cinema and watch any random movie 
    12. Have a BBQ party in your backyard or balcony
    13. Take a bike ride
    14. Try out a new recipe for something you’re familiar with (last summer, I tried out a new recipe for pancake, and this has been my no-brainer go-to breakfast ever since)
    15. Have a DIY spa day at home
    16. Go stargazing on a clear night (and don’t forget a cozy blanket and some snacks)
    17. Buy some herbs from the store and make your own herbal kitchen garden
    18. Bake some wildflower cupcake (spoil alert: they’re so beautiful you don’t even want to eat them) 
    19. Try a new summer make up trend
    20. And since we’re talking makeup, why not a new summer hair cut?
    21. Make a big lemonade pitcher and enjoy it on a hot summer day
    22. Go fruit picking at a nearby orchard or farm 

    Romantic Summer Activities for Couples

    Want to spend your time with your significant other in a romantic and memorable way this summer, and create beautiful memories together? Here are some ideas for you:

    Romantic Activities
    1. Have a romantic candlelight dinner at home
    2. Book a couple’s massage at a spa
    3. Take a sunset boat ride on a lake or river
    4. Plan a picnic in a scenic spot, with some wine and cheese
    5. Rent a cozy cabin in the mountains for a weekend getaway
    6. Watch the sunrise together on an early morning hikestar
    7. Have a couples photo shoot at a picturesque location
    8. Take a romantic road trip to a nearby town or city
    9. Plan a surprise weekend trip for your partner to their favorite destination
    10. Attend a music festival or concert together
    11. Write love letters to each other and exchange them
    12. Cook a fancy dinner together at home
    13. Take dance lessons as a couple
    14. Create a scrapbook of your memories and add to it each summer
    15. Re-create your first date night
    16. Have a movie marathon in bed
    17. Plan a surprise picnic in your backyard
    18. Have a wine tour in a nearby vineyard

    Friends & Family Friendly Summer Activities

    For those who would love to spend their summer days surrounded by their loved ones, here are some fun and friendly activities to try. 

    In fact, summer months can be the perfect opportunity to catch up with friends and family, create new memories, and strengthen bonds. 

    The quality time spent together will surely be cherished forever. So, this list of summer activities will surely help you make the most out of your time together:

    Friends & Family Friendly Activities
    1. Host a backyard BBQ party in the backyard
    2. Have a pool day with water games and BBQ
    3. Have a game night with classic board games of all time (think Monopoly, Scrabble, etc.)
    4. Host a kid-friendly picnic at the park with activities and snacks
    5. Plan a day trip to a nearby amusement park or water park
    6. Go berry picking together and make homemade jam afterwards
    7. Make homemade ice cream or some cool summer treats together
    8. Visit a local farm and interact with the animals
    9. Create your own mini Olympics with fun outdoor games like sack race, water balloon toss, etc.
    10. Create a friendly competition such as a scavenger hunt or talent show 
    Tips to Organize Your Activities

    Tips to Organize Your Activities

    If you plan to host or participate in multiple activities, it can be helpful to create a plan and schedule ahead of time. 

    The last thing you want is to send out the invitation just to find out people already have plans, or even worse, traveled out of town. 

    So, to help you avoid any scheduling conflicts and make the most out of your summer activities, here are some tips to organize your plans:

    Send out Invitation Early

    As soon as you have a general idea of the activities and dates, send out invitations to your friends and family. The earlier you do this, the more chances they will be available to join in on the fun.

    Even if someone cannot make it, you still have time for plan B, or to invite someone else. This way, you won’t end up with an empty backyard and a pile of uneaten burgers.

    Create a Shared Calendar

    With everyone’s busy schedules, it can be challenging to keep track of dates and times. Consider creating a shared calendar that everyone can access and update with their availability or any changes in plans.

    This will help ensure that everyone is on the same page and no one misses out on the fun. Plus, it can also be a great tool for coordinating transportation and other logistics.

    Assign Responsibilities

    Unless you would like to make it a surprise date night with your partner or a celebration with your closest friends, consider assigning responsibilities for the activities.

    This can include bringing food or drinks, setting up and cleaning up after the activities, or even taking photos to capture the memories. This way, you won’t be overwhelmed with all the tasks and can enjoy the activities yourself.

    Plan for Bad Weather

    Unfortunately, summer is not always sunny and warm. So, it’s important to have a backup plan in case the weather doesn’t cooperate. Make sure to have some indoor activities planned or a rain date set for outdoor activities.

    Even the summer heat can sometimes be too much to handle, so having some indoor options can be a relief for everyone. Plus, it’s always better to be prepared than disappointed.

    Have a Backup Plan

    That brings us to our next tip – always have a backup plan. Even if the weather is perfect, unforeseen circumstances can still arise. It’s important to be prepared and have alternative activities or locations in case something unexpected happens.

    For example, if you plan on having a picnic in the park, make sure there’s also a nearby indoor venue that you can go to in case it starts raining or if the park is unexpectedly closed. 

    It may take some extra planning, but having a backup plan will save you from any potential stress or disappointment.

    Be Mindful of Budget

    Summer activities can quickly add up and become expensive. Make sure to set a budget and stick to it. This will help you make decisions when planning activities and also prevent any financial strain.

    Don’t feel like you have to spend a lot of money to have fun. There are plenty of affordable or even free activities that you can do during the summer. You can also look for deals or discounts to save some money.

    summer activities for adults 11

    Before You Start Planning

    Now with this list of fun summer activities to choose from, make sure you have all the necessary information before you start planning. Consider things like transportation, age appropriateness, cost, and time needed for each activity. 

    Also, involve everyone in the planning process to ensure that everyone’s interests are taken into consideration. This will lead to a more enjoyable and inclusive summer experience for all.

    So go ahead and start planning your ultimate summer bucket list now! Remember to stay safe, be prepared, and have fun with your loved ones. Happy summer! 

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